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Curve Mat (DQB-015)
Description:- Use for the educational tool to teach children to recognize the shapes from playing- Use as boundary- Ten curve mats form a big circleMaterial: PVCCode:DQB-01537.5cm (L) x 7.5cm (W)
Square Mat (DQB-074)
Description:- Could be used as boundary- Use for the educational tool to teach children to recognize the shapes from playing- Perfect for indoor or outMaterial: PVC or TPRCode:DQB-07423 cm x 23 cm ( 9
PE 15 / 18'' Training Hole Cone (HC-15 / HC-18)
Description:- Poles could be inserted into the holes among the Hurdle Marker Cone- Agility pole holes on four sides at three heights- With square base- Available in multiple colorsMaterial: PECode: HC
Plastic Stilt (DQB-098 / DQB-098-1)
Description:- To improve balance and coordination- Encourages gross motor skills, balance, exercise and creative play- Suitable for children 4+ years old (and 3 years old with help from adult)- Each s
Dome Cone (HDC / SDC)
Description:-Training movement- Body Balance- Kids could step onthe PP Material Dome ConeMaterial: PP or PECode:HDCPPHard Dome Cone 8cm (H) X 19.5cm (Dia.) SDC PE Soft Dome Cone 8cm (H) X 19.5cm (Dia.
5.75 Inch Training Cone (DCF-G15)
Description:- Pole could be put between two cones to become a hurdle-For use in fitness training, sports sgility training, soccer, football, tennis and etc. Material: PE Size:15cm H , 30cm Dia. Code:D
6 Inch Notched Cone (DCF-G16)
Description:- Put a stick on the top of two cones becomes a hurdle- For sports trainingMaterial: PECode: DCF-G1616cm (H) X 30cm (Dia.) DCF-G16S20 20pcs/set w/12.5 Carrying Handle
Multi-Function Base (BM)
Description:-Patent No.:M338306 / USD638,329S-ABS poles, agility ring, and hula hoop can be inserted into the dome-Pole can be plugged in four different angles: 45, 60, 75 and 90 degree-Sand or water
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