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ABS Stick (PL-80 / PL-100 / PL-152 / PL-152-2 / PL-160 / PL-160-2)
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Brand: DQ
Model: PL-80 / PL-100 / PL-152 / PL-152-2 / PL-160 / PL-160-2
Price: N/A
Min quantity:
Deliver: In 30 days
Expiry: Long-term
Update date 2024-02-29 17:02
- Available to combine with many types of cone to form a Hurdle, such as
3 Inch Notched Cone (Ref. Code: DCF-H3)
5.75 Inch Training Cone (Ref. Code: DCF-G15)
6 Inch Training Cone (Ref. Code: DCF-G16)
PE Hurdle Cone (Ref. Code: HC-12 / HC-16 / HC-16-1 / HC-20)

- Available to combine with many type of bases to form a Training Pole, such as
Hollow base (Ref. Code: BHOLLOW)
Heavy base (Ref. Code: BHEAVY)
Multi - Function base (Ref. Code: BM)
Multi-Function base -Small (Ref. Code: BMS)
Rectangle (Ref. Code: BR)
Square (Ref. Code: BS)

- Could be clipped with other products, such as
Ladder Clip (Reference Code: HCL / HCL-1)
Stick connector (Reference Code: PLC-02, PLC-02A)

- 1" (Dia.) and 1.5mm thickness

Material: ABS

Code:  PL-80   80cm (L) 
             PL-100  100cm (L)      PL-100-2 ( two pieces)
           PL-152  152cm (5’L)    PL-152-2 ( two pieces)
           PL-160  160cm (L)       PL-160-2 ( two pieces)