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Agility Ring (AR-39 AR-49 AR-59 AR-70)
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Brand: DQ
Model: AR-39 / AR-49 / AR-59 / AR-70
Price: N/A
Min quantity:
Deliver: In 30 days
Expiry: Long-term
Update date 2024-04-10 16:00
- Great for footwork, speed and agility training
- Set these rings up in any pattern, then run, walk, bound or hop from ring to ring
to develop balance, flexibility, agility, quickness and coordination

Material: PP 

Code: AR-39   39cm Dia. 
           AR-49   49cm Dia.  
           AR-59   59cm Dia.       
   70cm Dia.   

Code: ARS-39 / ARS-49  Agility Rings Set: 10 Agility Rings + Connectors